Monday, January 11, 2010

Meet the Robinsons

We're not hateful people. In fact, Love, Love, Love is kind of our motto - and if we get preachy it's about saving our Precious Earth - not about lifestyle.
But when one of those hateful people in the world gets caught doing something naughty I always have a good headshake and chuckle. Iris Robinson is one of those people.
She is a prominent figure in Northern Ireland. A prominent member her community in her own right, but also married to a prominent figure - a Minister no less.
She was recently caught in a scandal. A good one too, involving sex, money, lies, adultery - you know, the good stuff. And really I wouldn't think twice about it. I mean, she's a politician so a scandal is kind of par for the course. What I love about old Iris is that she if one of those "better than thou" politicians. She has been recorded on several occasions railing against homosexuality.
Again, nothing new - she's a politician. Old Iris just gets a headshake and a chuckle from me for thinking that my love for a woman is immoral or unethical and then she bangs a 19 year old (did I mention that she is 60) and falsely raises money for a business she sat on the committee to approve the land for.
Hey Iris - piss off.


  1. It's hard to like politics when I read stories like this. It seems like no matter where I turn there is always some sort of story covering a politician's sex scandal. Not even all politics, just people abusing their power.

    In Gainesville a police officer was jailed for trying to solicit sex from a prostitute.

    While it's smart to read the good and the bad stories, I am much more relaxed when I read stories about a Utah legislator being a surrogate for a homosexual couple.

  2. I forgot to add: Thank you for commenting on my blog. I'll be sure to follow your blog because it definitely covers issues I am interested in. :)

  3. None of us is above a little Schadenfreude.