Monday, January 11, 2010

How Cool is He?

Ted Olson.
I might love this man.
Conservative and on our side.
I don't have a problem with conservatives as individuals. It just seems like all the folks who disagree with me on the most fundamental issues are conservatives. So as a group I kind of have a little problem - and not politically. I have a personal problem.
I want to GET MARRIED! And it's "conservatives" telling me I can't.
So, good job Ted Olson. I love a conservative who doesn't throw Leviticus at me.

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  1. So were you disappointed today to hear that the you tube ruling is being looked into and delayed? I was and I can't believe (but can) how "they" get away with it. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope Olson and Boies can do their absolute best in defending us so we finally can have equal rights and marry who we want to marry.