Sunday, January 10, 2010

His thumb on the YouTube decision

This is the guy who is deciding whether cameras will be allowed to capture the Prop 8 trial in San Francisco and then broadcast it several hours later on youtube.
This guy.
The argument against cameras is made by the opponents of same-sex marriage. They hold that the presence of cameras may alter the testimony of some witnesses. I think that might be true - but I think it's only true because they are embarrassed about what they are being asked to say.
Who knows.
The good guys have until noon today to file their argument for cameras with Justice Kennedy.
We'll see.
I hope that we get to watch the trial. I have somewhat of an idea what we're dealing with here, but I could get into understanding the full evil of the other side.
Hey, not that all folks who don't want all people to marry are bad or evil - but the folks in charge of this national movement are.
So I'm cheering you for you Mr. Kennedy - don't let us down. Youtubers everywhere are counting on you.

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  1. So I was a little disappointed it's going to be shown on youtube, delayed vs court room live.

    The Pro8 arguments were shallow if you ask me. I think they don't want to be caught on tape in their lies.

    Also, more in line with the reality is they don't want people to see the actual proceeding in fear they will end up with less supporters. The lights have got to go on soon to the mindless followers of NOM.